Luxury Real Estate by Marco Albano


In our portfolio more than 1000 properties for sale on a reserved basis

7,12B €


1M to 5M: 687
From 5M to 10M: 758
Over 10M: 353

Alba Luxury - Prestige Properties operates in Italy and also abroad only with prestigious properties, the criteria are extreme luxury, therefore the price and origin story of the property is analysed.

For this reason, the main properties considered are Castles, Luxury Apartments in the centres of the most prestigious Italian and world cities, Luxury Villas, Masserie, Estates, Hotels, Penthouses by the sea or on lakes, and mountain resorts with a high level of tourism.

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Emirati Arabi
Federazione Russa

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Alba Luxury by Marco Albano

Alba Luxury by Marco Albano is the Brand in the panorama of the national and international market for prestige properties, a real estate brokerage company in DOC created to manage the purchase and sale of prestigious properties thanks to an extreme selection in the acquisition of properties with special and rare historical-artistic, architectural and landscape characteristics.

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